Why does everyone Think that IDP Permit is make your traveling experience the best?

Everyone wants their traveling experience best and most memorable. No one wants bad things happening in their time of happiness. So IDP Permit is one of the best documents which make your traveling good. Because it helps you to drive in other countries. But if you don’t want to drive and just simply visit places. Then it helps you in communication. For instance, you want to visit France for the first time and definitely, you did not speak French. So IDP helps you to communicate with local authorities. You don’t need to explain yourself, just give them your IDP along with your IDL.

Introduction to IDP permit and driver’s licenses:

An international driving permit known as an IDP permit is a document that translates your driver’s license into multiple languages. It is also known as the driver’s license itself. An ID permit holder to drive a vehicle from one place to another without any restriction. But it allows the driver to drive the vehicle for up to 12 months only. If the limit exceeds 12 months, then you are not allowed to drive. But you don’t need to take it with you while you are driving in your own countries.

On the contrary, Driver’s License is applicable when you are driving in your own country. Without it, you cannot drive a vehicle. Because it is your national driving license that is required to drive in your homeland. 

Requirements for IDP:

The requirement for an ID permit is same in the worldwide. There is no such difference. Because in applying, there is no need for any education certificate or other certificate. You just need your 4 passport-sized photos, International Driver’s License, a national ID card, and an application form with the application fee. And the fee varies or less according to your country. 

Who can get an IDP?

  • Everyone can get IDP permit who has International Driver’s License. Because without IDL you did not get. 
  • Moreover, the one who is going to a foreign country to explore places also applies for IDP permit.
  • Additionally, if someone is going for the source of income then is also applicable for the IDP.
  • Lastly, a person who is above 18 can also be applicable for the IDP.

How do you apply for an IDP?

You can easily apply for IDP. You may visit your country authorized given website. Or you can visit the authority and apply by yourself. Both methods are legal and almost every country follows these two methods. As for requirements, these are mentioned above. And these are the same for online and offline methods. In the offline method, you need to submit all your documents photocopy with the application form and fee by yourself. Meanwhile, you need to fill out the form online and also upload your document’s picture then you submit it. And post this download token with a fee to the head office.

Do I need to be in a country where I want a permit?

No! you get a IDP permit in your home country or country of your residence. As we know that permits have a translation of different languages, so they can be used in permit-allowed countries. but you need to apply for a permit according to their convention. For example, if you want to visit Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia then you can apply for the 1968 Geneva convention. As for most of the Europe countries like Canada, Argentina, US, you must apply to the 1949 Geneva convention. But as for some specific states of America, you need to apply to the 1926 Geneva convention.

Tips on getting your first IDP and Driver’s license:

the first time, everyone thinks to get IDP and IDL is burdensome or hectic. Because no one knows about it due to a lack of awareness. But that’s not it. It is very easy to apply for IDP permit with just four documents. Here are some tips when you apply for the first time.

  • There is a lot of scammer website that give you the services of getting IDP permit. But most of them are fake. The first tip is that always apply on an authorized website. Every country’s Government provides people with an authentic website for IDP applications. 
  • Don’t think too much about getting a translation of IDL. Because it is a hectic procedure. You can get many translations just in one booklet.
  • Do not take IDP alone, it has no use without IDL. Because IDL looks like an ID card and IDP is a booklet. So if you have only a booklet then it may be considered fake.
  • Always read the road laws while searching on the internet. Yeah, you cannot find native road laws on the internet. So you must open your eyes and observe other people, how they are driving in their own country, You must follow them.

Is an IDP permit important or not?

IDP permit is a document that proves you are not a criminal, and you have the permission to visit (or live) in India. There are penalties for those without an IDP permit. This includes fines, temporary detention, or even deportation. When you apply for an IDP permit the government will verify your identity, nationality, and residence. You won’t be able to get an IDP permit if any of these things don’t match up.

What are the Penalties if I am Caught Driving Without a Valid IDP?

It’s not just a permit but it is the identity of the person where you can go anywhere without any restriction. The IDP permit is very much needed because without this, people can’t go to any place or country they want and they need an identity card to stay there. It is an important document for global citizens. It protects against deportation and/or removal from the country in case of detention or arrest by the police. Without this document, you may be fined or detained.

It is an important document while traveling to any country. It will make the experience of a traveler better than others. The IDP permit will also help to avoid penalties for not having a valid ID.


IDP Permit indeed makes your traveling easy and enjoyable. Because when you are traveling with your permit, then you can easily communicate with locals through it. Moreover, if you have it then rent companies can easily have rented your vehicle. On it, you can drive and explore places according to your like.