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international driving permit

International Driving License

Travelling is an interesting thing and to drive in various countries is always linked and affiliated with a great exposure and experience but taking the driving compliance under consideration is of primary importance. Driving license is a primary compliance to drive any automobile at global level. An International Driving License is a document that is require to drive any vehicle in any foreign country. It is of prime important for you if you are planning to make a foreign visit and to drive their for a short or long period of time.

When It Became a Major Driving Compliance

The international driving permit became a mandatory driving compliance of all foreign visitors to drive automobiles in 1926 and up to the present date, people are getting this license to get driving eligibility of various countries.

This license is a mandatory compliance in many countries and there are many specific countries that do not require this license or more precisely, we can say that many countries do not have any strict rule to get the this license. But, majority of the countries consider it a mandatory document to drive at global level.

License Validity

This license that is named “International Driving License” is valid for the period of three years and drivers must renew it after the confined validation date and year.

Affiliation With Domestic License

The international driving license is generally link and affiliated with domestic license. More precisely, we can say that it is a supporting document of our domestic license for international driving. There are  various countries that make it mandatory for everyone to get this license. Some countries are:

  • Austria
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • The Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Spain

There are many other countries that consider the international driving license as a mandatory document to drive a car. It is interesting to note here that this license allow you to drive the vehicle or automobile in almost 174 countries.

Eligibility for IDL (International Driving License)

To get an affiliation with any global document, it is important to get complete information about the eligibility for that specific document. The IDL is of primary importance to drive internationally and its eligibility is as follow:

  • Your Age Must Be 18 Years or 18+
  • You Must be a Permanent US Resident
  • You Must Have a Domestic Driving License
  • The Validity the Your Domestic Driving License Must be 6 Months More than Your IDL

It is Not Recognized Everywhere

It is important to note here that the international driving license is not recognizable in every country. There is a complete list of almost 174 countries that accept this document and consider it mandatory for international business or vacation trips. Again, it must be taken under consideration that it is not recognizable by every country. For example, this license is not acceptable in China because China has its own driving standards, criterions, and SOPs. So, China prefer its own Chinese driving license rather than using  international driving license.

Basics of IDL (International Driving License)

There are many basic things that everyone must take under consideration who is planning to drive internationally or at global level. Some basics are as follow:

  • This License is Acceptable by 174 Countries
  • The US Permanent Residency is Required For this License
  • The Fee of this License Starts From $20
  • The Validity of this License Range from 1-3 Years

Things that Are Not Linked With International Driving License or Permit

This license is important but it must be noted here that this license is not a proof of your driving knowledge, skills, and capabilities. That’s why it is mandatory to affiliate this license with your own domestic driving license. Moreover, it is very important to note here that it is not linked and affiliated with any privileges, rights, benefits, and accommodations. You must be as much alert as possible while getting this document from any agency to be save from any scam.

Drive In the US

Many times, people get confused that either they require an international driving license or simply IDL if they are foreign drivers traveling in the US. The simple answer to this question is “No”. You do not need an IDL specifically from any state of the US if you are a foreigner and driving a car in any state of the US. In such cases, it is mandatory for you to get your IDL from the same country from where your domestic driving license was issued.

 Three Things That You Need While Driving Globally

Your pro-active approach while travelling abroad with the intention of driving is of prime importance. While driving at global level, the things that you must take under consideration are as follow:

It must be taken under consideration that the requirement of the international driving permit or license vary from country to country as per the rules and regulations.

Which IDL (International Driving License) You Need

Many times, people get confused that which international driving license they must get to drive in any specific country. It is one of the great pieces of information that the international driving license is divided into three main categories and different countries follow one of the three main categories. The main categories are as follow:

  • 1926
  • 1949
  • 1968

Different countries follow different categories so, it is important you to firstly, check that in which country you are interested to drive and then you can get the license accordingly.


In a nutshell, we can say that  the international driving license is of prime importance to drive internationally and it is a mandatory document to drive freely in many countries. There are almost 174 countries that mandate to obtain this license to drive internationally without any restriction. There are three main categories and classifications of IDL (International Driving License) and these above mentioned three categories are linked and affiliated with different countries. So, if you are confused that which IDL you must get to drive internationally then you must have the knowledge of the categories of international driving license. Last, but not least, if you are interested to drive globally without any restriction, you must have all information about the international driving license as well as the information about the agency that provide it.