Complete information about International Driving License and how they can make your living Easier

The driving license is required to be present to prove that you are authorized to drive the vehicle on a public road. This International Driving License has been designed by the United Nations and is being used in most countries. These licenses consist of a booklet and a card which is imprinted upon.

What is IDL Or International Driving License ?

International Driving License is a permission card of driving in foreign. It is necessary for every country. Without it, you cannot get permission to drive by yourself. Then you need to hire a driver or go by tourist bus. IDL is very different from the IDP. Because IDP is a form of a thin book that includes all your information in different types of translation. Meanwhile, IDL looks like your identity card and works as an ID card too. If you lost your ID card then you can use it as an ID card regularly 

Why it is important for the citizen?

The International Driving License serves as proof for people who want to drive outside the country. It is just like the driver’s license which is issued by the government of the country in which they live. It is important for the citizen as it saves them money and time. It is issued by the country of residence and permits the holder to drive a vehicle from that country to other countries. It also has to be shown at every border crossing during travels. It is given by the country you reside in. The driver needs to be a foreigner or when residing in the same country for less than one year.

Necessary documents for IDL Or International Driving License :

When you apply for IDL then there is no need for a lot of documents. Just need the necessary document which has all your information. Here is a document that you need when applying for IDL.

  • National ID card
  • Passport size photos
  • Permanent driving license
  • Passport photocopy
  • Complete address form
  • Domicile 

How does it work?

The citizen needs to have an international driving license because they can use it when they travel to other countries and get hired as drivers. The IDL allows them to legally drive in other countries and improves their chances of getting a job abroad. It is a special document that is given to someone who wants to drive a vehicle in a foreign country. It is a must for citizens who need an international driving license for their work. It’s important for them because it helps them to travel through different countries.

Categories of IDL Or International Driving License :

  A driving License is depending on the place of residence, which applies to all countries that have signed and ratified the convention. For example, if a person is living in the US and his/her country of residence doesn’t have a bilateral agreement with the US, then they need an International Driving Permit or an EU Driver’s License (CDL) according to their nationalities. There are 3 categories of IDLs. Category A includes all European Union Member States but does not include Ireland, Cyprus, or Malta. Category B includes all European Union Member States and also Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta. Category C includes all non-European Union Member States but does not include Andorra, Monaco, or Switzerland

Driving licenses fall into different categorize

Advantages to have IDL Or International Driving License:

If you are the holder of an International Driving License, then it has several advantages.

  • You can use it as proof of your identity in all nations.
  • When you get it from your country then there is no need to give an exam of driving to others countries.
  • When you hold it, it’s your proof that you are eligible to drive in any country. Because if you have your permanent driving license then you can apply for it. So IDL is your validity that you drive legally.
  • You can work as a driver or drive a vehicle all over the world if you have it.


Where it has advantages then it has one disadvantage too. Because nothing can be perfect.

  • The only disadvantage is that IDL is expire within one year. So you need to come back to your country wherever you are. Otherwise, you can go to jail and deport to your country by police.

It seems IDL is necessary for Driving why?

International Driving License is a legal document that is used to drive vehicles on any road in the world. There are more than 150 countries that recognize an IDL, including Japan, which requires drivers to carry an IDL if they don’t have a Japanese driver’s license. To get an IDL, you may need to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles or go online and apply for one. Applying online will take less time than doing so in person, but will cost more money. Driving with the help of an IDL will make your life easier because you’ll be able to drive anywhere in the world without needing a local driver’s license or otherwise risking your safety by not knowing the rules of the road.

How can IDL Or International Driving License use?

Driving a car without IDL is indeed illegal. But the thing is, this driving permit is not mandatory in many countries like India. IDL becomes mandatory when the driver wishes to drive not only in his or her country but in other countries as well. The freedom of movement across borders without hassle can make living easier.

International Driving License is a must if you are living in a country where you are not a citizen. It is also necessary when you want to drive vehicles of any size or weight in countries other than your own. The IDL has been developed by the United Nations and is currently being used in 191 member states around the world.  

How can International Driving License make my life Easier?

International Driving License is not a new license. It is an international translation of your national driver’s license. It is recognized in 147 countries and territories around the world including all of North America, most of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. If you are looking for a new adventure or job overseas but don’t want to give up driving as part of your lifestyle, IDL could be the answer. In many cases, IDL is required before hiring someone to drive for them or renting a vehicle with them.

Final words:

It is not difficult to get an International Driving License. I give you one suggestion that always applies early when you want to go abroad. For instance, if you go abroad in December then you must apply for it in June and July along with your International Driving Permit. Because IDL can use in all countries but some countries accept IDP with it. The reason is that IDP has translation in a different language which helps you to communicate with native police.